Sant Joan, the magical night.

Medium ceramic candle lantern with candle

The Sant Joan festival has many names, but in Catalonia and Barcelona it is most often called the ‘Nit de Sant Joan’ or ‘Revetlla de Sant Joan’ which means St John’s Night or St. John’s Eve. Sisa is one of our favorite Songwriter  from Catalunya and he composed a song dedicated to ‘La Nit de

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Teixidors: unique handmade items made with heart.

Teixidors has the deserved recognition of being one of the very touching, sincere and genuine brand stories. A solid project, a team and craftsmanship, together with the environmental and social sustainability are those which make it a big brand which offers a great product. These items are unique and unrepeatable, and they are made with

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Bon Vent cozy sweaters– our spring venture

This new one size season clothing we display at Bon Vent comes out of a spring venture towards a refreshed sensitivity of wearing Mediterranean, natural, comfortable and feminine clothes. A small knitting workshop from Barcelona joined our venture and their knitting experience together with the Bon Vent design, made the dream come true. To knit

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Put your Abarca shoes on!

At Bon Vent we have already prepared comfortable and stylish Abarca shoes for you to have at the beginning of this spring season. There is also the new season clothing collection, and as a novelty, there’s a men’s clothing selection. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Abarca, a company born in Murcia in

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A short history of household linens at Bon Vent (I)

In the old days, the second laundering was done in February, the first one being shortly before Christmas. From Bon Vent we want to apply this traditional rationale and to display our household linens collection this week, to help you decorate your house. Next week we will explain you some valuable advice to subtly wash

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