The Marseille soap and some valuable tips for washing your clothes (II)

In the previous post we presented you the new linen collection at Bon Vent, and in this one we’ll tell you how much Carme cares about her treasure and washes the cloth with Marseille soap, a traditional product you can find in our shop. We’ll also give you some advice, “recipes” and “tricks” about how to wash the linen or any other item of clothing.


For over 110 years the Marius Fabre family elaborates the Marseille soap retaining its manufacturing philosophy.


A tradition that dates back to 1900 and passed from generation to generation until today.


The soap is sold in small cubes. The first is suitable for hand washing and the second for hand and machine washing.

The soap is made with vegetable oils, especially olive oil, it contains no dyes, additives or parabens.


The soap flakes are advisable to wash all kinds of delicate clothing, especially baby clothes, silk, cotton, wool, etc. The nutritional virtues of olive oil moisturize the skin.  The soap flakes are also sold in bag.

The Fabre family gives us some tips to use the soap:

• If there is a stain on the clothing, wet it with Marseille soap and rub it softly before putting it in the washing machine.

Do the same with the neck shirts.
•Dermatologists recommend it to people who have a sensitive skin and can’t tolerate soap and synthetic cleaners.

And there are also some quite curious “recipes” inherited from Carme, as for example how to make the best use of this soap and some “tricks” about how to use lemon and vinegar in order to best preserve cotton and angora clothing, as well as old items of your clothes.


Is there any other useful advice or “tricks” that you may want to tell us?

We look forward to caring for our clothing, as much as you do!

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