Small ceramic candle lantern


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Small ceramic candle lantern


The small ceramic lantern is the result of careful handmade work, the result of different processes. We have made a trip to the Empordà to look for the essence of Catalan ceramics.

A design inspired by the inheritance of the lamps of ancient times and mixed with the Arab influence of geometric rhythms.

The result is a hand-crafted piece and cut manually.

This enameled clay container is designed to give a warm light that will project suggestive shadows on the space where it is located.

We present it in three different formats and in the classic enamel options of the area: Mustard, dark blue, green and white.

The lanterns are made by hand. Each one is unique. The measurements are approximate.

The small ceramic lantern is made in La Bisbal d’Empordà. This town is today one of the leading ceramic centers in Catalonia. The importance of this activity is clearly reflected in the urban landscape of the city, characterized by the slim silhouettes of old industrial chimneys.

Trademark “Ceràmica de la Bisbal”

The “Ceràmica de la Bisbal” brand is a protected designation of origin at the European Union level that serves to individualize, customize and recognize the ceramic products made in La Bisbal and the surrounding villages that are not. This brand, guarantee of authenticity. A Regulatory Council, made up of municipal and business representatives, is responsible for the good use of the brand and the promotion of the quality of the products covered by this distinction.

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