In the old days, the second laundering was done in February, the first one being shortly before Christmas.

Intitut Cartogràfic de Catalunya.

From Bon Vent we want to apply this traditional rationale and to display our household linens collection this week, to help you decorate your house. Next week we will explain you some valuable advice to subtly wash these tissues with Marseille soap.

IMG_8512An exquisite composition of the tools used for the laundering: the chopper, the clothes chopping blade, a bar of Marseille soap and the resulted white, folded clothes.

This collection can’t be displayed without mentioning Carme, the real captain of this adventure. Her childhood memories are filled with the presence of the linen cloths, with carefully sewing and embroidering these handmade pieces.

IMG_8523Detail of an embroidery that reflects the thoroughness it was elaborated with.

All the creativity and enthusiasm it was made with, together with its particular history is the hallmark of our household linens.


Our textile line is made of 100% linen, which is prewashed and not ironed – resulting in a raw and natural appearance – soft, beautiful and modern …

Wash at 40 degrees in the washing machine. To keep the “unironed” look use tumble drier at lowest temperature. To achieve an ironed look, the linnen should be slightly damp.


bon vent llirentat
Range of colors for the rinsed linens items.



Linen cloth of cooking with red initials (“FH”) embroidered on one side.


Blue and red embroidered tablecloth combined with a napkin and a plate, Mary-Lou de Digoin (Sarreguemines), of similar shades.


Collection of embroidered or plain tablecloths, cloths of cooking and napkins sorted with the same meticulous attention Carme remembers from her mother.


Beautiful flowered tablecloths evoking the field and the spring.


Pink light coloured napkins embroidered at the ends and with a detail in a corner. Along with the hand painted dish (La Cartuja) flower, they remind us of the chocolate snacks.

What clothes do you like most or think your dishes match best?

See you next week with a very practical content that will surely amaze you!