The decoration in each home talks about those who live in. The personality and the nature of people is easy to find it in corners, furniture and rooms.

We try to make our home a pleasant place. Creating an ambience  where you can spend your free time with friends and family or just a little corner  rest and disconnect from the world.

We celebrate  the beauty as the only way to be happier and more comfortable in our warm nest.


Unique pieces to decorate our home.

Conchita Plasencia knows a lot about this. She is an artist who paints by hand home textiles. Her illustration are inspired by the nature. Her passion is the beauty.


La Conchita paints 100% linen or cotton fabrics that are used to make complements as a home decoration. In our store you will find a selection of her art with different models of cushions.

All her products are made in an artisan way. The magic of the Conchita’s work is her care for each detail and each paint stroke. They are unique pieces.

Art and craft walks together by Conchita Plasencia

She paints by hand one by one each piece so  You wouldn’t find the same pattern. The prints that she creates, talks about  her own style and her unique artistic language.



The colour palette and the organic shapes  evoke us the simplicity of nature’s  beauty. Conchita Plasencia collection is plenty of full tones inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. It is a calmed and peacefull  landscape that it can be included in our home.



Providing our homes with the energy of things made with love is the best philosophy that we could follow. As this artist says: “Welcome to the journey of things made slowly, made of beauty”