Marius Fabre, soap-makers since 1900, show us their most delicate line called Olivia

Always preserving the essence of Marius Fabre

Concerned to retain the authenticity and quality of their product, Olivia Marius Fabre is a range of certified organic cosmetics. They are made from olive oil and biological essential oils. They do not have parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances. They are also designed and manufactured in Provence.


marius fabre olivia productes variats All these products are certified by Ecocert.

Masters of natural cosmetics

The virtues of olive oil have been known since antiquity. It has exceptional moisturizing properties thanks to its content in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Our hair and skin need a partner who will take care of us. Whatever the time of year, Olivia is perfect for this.
That’s the reason why this house has never stopped working. Today, they continue to use it for many of their products. Their traditional way of producing gives them all the properties of the best natural cosmetics.

cosmètica bio olivia marius fabre

“Its traditional method gives this family business the essence it preserves from day one.
All its products are made following the same steps for a hundred years “

marius fabre olivia crema hidratant mans

All the wide range of products of Marius Fabre is friendly with the environment and with our body.With the Olivia products, the Marius Fabre masters make an effort to go a little further. All products on the line are labeled Ecocert. This guarantees their quality and authenticity as certified organic products. Ecocert guarantees that at least 95% of the vegetable ingredients and that a minimum percentage of 10% of all the ingredients come from organic farming.

Olivia beauty products protect the environment

marius fabre olivia crema hidratant cara i cos

Their concern for the environment leads them to reduce packaging to the minimum, whenever possible. That’s why packagings are recyclable in their entirety. Paperboard and paper used for labels and containers are also certified by the  Forest Stewardship Council.  FSC están comprometidos con la gestión forestal responsable en todo el mundo.

FSC are committed to responsible forest management around the world.

At Marius Fabre carefully select their suppliers. They make every effort to work with French companies. They offer a product of proximity in everything that is possible. In this way they also ensure that carbon emissions are considerably lower.

Using the products of Marius Fabre is an experience that will take you to Provence. You will see how you can feel all its aromas and perfumes. In turn you will enjoy all the properties of nature taking care of your body.

The benefits of bio cosmetics with 100% organic olive oil is the key to a Mediterranean beauty.

marius fabre olivia lip balmWe already know it, and you?