At Bon Vent we have already prepared comfortable and stylish Abarca shoes for you to have at the beginning of this spring season. There is also the new season clothing collection, and as a novelty, there’s a men’s clothing selection.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Abarca, a company born in Murcia in 2011 and engaged in designing and manufacturing handmade unisex shoes. They reinvented the classic and made it fit a more modern and elegant style, without removing the traditional essence that makes each pair unique.


Each pair of shoes is sewn with care, as if it were unique.


The tools the craftsman needs to sew the shoes are needles, scissors, a thimble and esparto grass; moreover, passion and time.

Cover your feet with a pair of Abarca shoes so that you enjoy their quality, comfort and modern style.

Models for women:

Tip detail of the Blucher model

The Blucher shoe made of red leather and red stripped cotton shoe.

And for men:

home2       home1

Unlike the female shoes sole, this is thinner, though with the same material, comfort and style.

A different option. Dare to wear the red stripes!

At Bon Vent we love the Abarca shoes for their features and, what`s more, because we share the same values.

Here are two ideas we want to suggest you for the new season clothes from the MedWinds.

look dona
Light blue dress with an original seagulls pattern.

look home

Denim shirt with a pocket on one side and a sharks pattern.

Surely you know what shoes you like or you’ve just imagined wearing one of these shirts and dresses!

Go ahead!