The Sant Joan festival has many names, but in Catalonia and Barcelona it is most often called the ‘Nit de Sant Joan’ or ‘Revetlla de Sant Joan’ which means St John’s Night or St. John’s Eve.
Sisa is one of our favorite Songwriter  from Catalunya and he composed a song dedicated to ‘La Nit de Sant Joan” where he explain all about the happiness  in St. Jhon’s Eve. So this will be the Soundtrack for our celebration.

The Canigó Flame in Barcelona

This year, to celebrate the 50 years of the Canigó Flame’s visits to the city, the Flame will be taken to Barcelona City Hall. The Flame’s reception in Plaça Sant Jaume will be accompanied by livemusic.
Local people bring firewood to the top of the mountain, which will be burnt on the night of the 22nd. This year, a delegation made up of various Barcelona fire groups and other city representatives will take a bundle of firewood to the summit, made up of branches from the city’s districts, which will be burnt together with bundles from other Catalan towns and cities.
Barcelona City Council will give a rosemary plant to everyone attending the Canigó Flame event in Plaça Sant Jaume. In addition to fire and water, plants – rosemary, thyme, fennel, ferns, mint, etc. – are an essential feature of the Night of Sant Joan. And they have been since ancient times. There are many legends that feature plants and the Night of Sant Joan.

Bon Vent ceramic candle lantern collection.

We are going to get our bundle of firewood to light our new ceramic candle lantern collection made by hand in La Bisbal.  La Bisbal is a little village located in Girona where exist a long craft tradition in ceramic.
You can choose the size and the colours. They are coming in green, blue, white and yellow. The enamel colour is the most traditional palette it’s been used along ago in La Bisbal.
Our lanterns reminds us our mediterranean culture. A melting pot betwen the ancient age in Greece and the incredible Al-Àndalus heritage. We are very happy to introduce you these hand made unique pieces made to create a warm moments at home or in the garden. We are going to celebrate the Summer Solstice in a rooftop so there will be a nice location for our candles.

Tradition around the table in La Revetlla de Sant Joan.

In our home, like the others, we are going to start the celebration arround the table. We eat, drink and laught.  But the most exiciting moment is going to be at the end with the only official food of Sant Joan called ‘Coca’. These are bread style cakes that you will see in bakery windows throughout the city.
We love that and it worth to be serves as the star of the night so we are going to prepare our beautiful  vintage plates. We mixed them because looks less formal and more fun.  Serving Cutlery and linen tablecloth and napkins. All served! If you visit us, you can choose your own mediterranean style table because we have all the main elements to be a successfull night!

So now, we only need to toast with Cava and even if you are a nostalgic or not you will fall in love with our selection of vintage glasses to drink the sparkling drink.


Sant Joan is the shortest night of the year so run to prepare it! Enjoy it!

Happy Revetlla de Sant Joan!