One more year the good weather comes hand in hand with Sant Jordi’s day.

This year in Bon Vent we want to propose different gifts inspired by this.

Rose Water

The rose water from the Potions Bcn house, will make your skin look fresh and hydrated. Especially now, that we have months of heat ahead, moisturize the skin of the face as it is very important to prevent and avoid future imperfections.
This product is a hydrolate, organically grown and does not contain alcohol. A hydrolate is the aqueous part resulting from distilling the flower, to extract the essential oil. It has the same properties as oil but with less concentration, which makes it much safer to use.


Use it as a skin tonic to refresh your skin. Rose water balances pH, ideal for skin with acne. Among its multiple properties, is its anti-wrinkle, antiseptic and regenerating power. It also calms irritated skin, therefore, it is perfect for after shaving.
All this without counting its light and delicious aroma!


In addition to rose water, you can find other types such as Hamamelis water, ideal for more sensitive skin, balancing water of orange flowers or Helicriso, highly recommended for skin with problems.


The rose fragance

On the other hand, we propose a new version of the rose perfume for the home. With a more exotic touch, the Rose and Cardamom Mikado from Cerabella candles  is perfect for a room. This light aroma with a sophisticated point escapes the classics.

You can also choose the candle, made in Barcelona with 100% vegetable wax. Prepare a bath and turn it on, or use it also in any corner of the house. Ideal for a moment of relaxation.


Did you know that the aroma of the rose helps eliminate anxiety and is considered an antidepressant? If you are one of those who like to make the bath a ritual, Marius Fabre’s rose soap is also a very good option.


Sometimes, there are gifts that serve to remember how important it is to return to habits that bring us well-being.
The tradition and know-how of the soapmakers of Provence, gives rise today to products like these. A classic made in the most traditional way.



We hope you enjoy the city. On days like this it looks prettier than ever.



Happy Sant Jordi!