Welcome to Bon Vent

Bon Vent is a shop in the Born district of Barcelona.

The Mediterranean Sea, sunlight, the local scenery and its people’s lifestyle are our source of inspiration. A rich, plural and yet unique identity.

This area located in the old sailors’ district of Riberais blessed with the inheritance of the old guilds that were set up there. So in Carrer Argenteria [Silversmiths’ Street], we have sought to recover that special local value.

We sail off along the coast of our Mediterranean Sea. We seek out lost objects, treasure in the form of unique items that speak to us of the past. Special crockery and cutlery for everyday use, Christmas glasses to toast your lover, antique fabrics to use as tablecloths and old tiles that save you money.

We drop anchor beside neighbouring villages and towns and visit workshops run by artists, artisans and small companies that stand out for their authentic character. Delightful collections of clothes, reinvented espadrilles, modern jewellery, blown glass items, perfumed candles, olive oil soap, painted ceramics and all kinds of fun gifts and presents.

We believe in a sustainable environment. We are committed to our people’s authenticity and creativity.

So if you are a sailor at heart, climb on board and enjoy the voyage!!!